mada soba ni iru yo (2023)

Mada Soba ni iru yo (2023) portrays a Surrealistic scene of a dancing maiden in a convoluted buckwheat noodles restaurant. There are 3 sets of sliding doors separating each room. In the foreground, a pink roller coaster serves as a conveyor belt serving the sushi with tiny animal characters on the plates. There is a row of empty seats at the table of the restaurant. In the next room, there is a light pink Merry-go-round with a bowl of soba as its roof and glass horses that have takeaway dishes as their torsos. Further in the back room, there is a ferris wheel with piping hot dishes as each cargo. In the furthermost of the background, there is a clutter of items acquired at a summer festival, stuffed from the floor to the ceiling.
Mada Soba ni iru yo (2023) has dual meaning; '[I am] still by your side' and 'there are still buckwheat noodles'. This Maximalist art reminds viewers to be grateful for what one already has and to count their blessings. If we look around us, just like this dancing maiden, there are many things to be happy about.
The latest college portrait combining 1-cm miniature felt dolls, 2-cm plush toys, and 4-cm sculptures with felt-textured illustrations. This sculpture will further be transformed into a larger 9-cm sculpture in 'Your Daily Series'. Completed in May 2023. Available as museum canvas prints at Artrepreneur.

Chocolatier (2023)

A felt-textured digital illustration of chocolate from the chocolatier's store on shelves with tiny animal characters hidden among them. Drawn using Clip Studio Paint. Completed in February 2023.