~ドローウイング 2023~


"Driven by a desire to create a more interconnected art community, Singaporean artist Zhang Fuming, known for his black-and-white woodcuts, has organised this year-end exhibition of 103 artists. Many of them are showing their works in public for the first time.

Zhang, 34, started an art supply store, Drawing Etc. Art Supplies, at Sunshine Plaza on June 22, an enterprise which gave him a chance to meet artists working in all major mediums, from acrylic to gouache to digital print.

He put out a month-long open call, receiving 542 submissions. A total of 110 have been chosen for this inaugural exhibition at 62A Arab Street, a space he is renting for three years.

He hopes it can become a creative space for artists to gather, and pledges to make this sale an annual affair. All proceeds from the sales go to the artists."

- The Straits Times, read the article here

ABOUT THE artwork

timeSTOP (2023)

Felt, cotton, glass, plastic

32.0 x 20.0 x 30.0 cm

Timestop (2023) shows an inverted three-scoop ice cream cone with a sea castle perched at the apex of the cone. Just as the nature of ice cream hurries us to work faster, the ever-increasing progress of technology questions if we have a choice in ordering our priorities to get what is needed done.

the installation

the opening night

private tour

ABOUT THE artist

Katsukin Takamura is a contemporary Asian fibre artist who explores the human conditions through Surrealistic miniature sculptures that are sometimes combined with felt-textured portraits turned into mixed media collages. Influenced by Surrealist Rene Magritte, multidisciplinary pop artist Murakami Takashi, and micro sculptor Willard Wigan, she blends imaginary creatures with pop culture references to construct mini sculptures with huge presence.

Katsukin presents felt sculptures ranging from 0.5cm to 20cm in height. Her larger works combine with other materials such as glass bottles, ultraviolet resin, glitter, sequins, and other fabric types. In 2021, she participated in 私の可愛いOO Vol. 2 group exhibition at Gallery IYN in Osaka, Japan, exhibiting her digital illustrations and handmade sculpture prints. She held her solo show 3 x 4 = 住に at Gallery IYN in Osaka, Japan, where she displayed her handmade sculpture prints. Her tiny figures were exhibited during 'Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Super Mini Thingy' miniature group show from 21st July - 6th August 2023 at Kult Studio & Gallery. From 4th to 27th October 2023, she participated in a group exhibition titled PEPTO BISMOL ストロベリーミルク to showcase her breakthrough series titled ID. She displayed her body of ice cream sculptures titled Timepiece series at the ICE CREAM 2023 from 4th to 12th November 2023.